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A simple introduction respirator machine

by:PST     2020-07-17
Mask machine is layers of non-woven fabric by hot pressing, folding molding, ultrasonic welding, waste removal, the ear with the bridge of the nose a welding process, such as the filtration performance of a variety of masks, will create a mask is not a single machine equipment, it requires multiple machines to cooperate to complete a variety of different processes. Market more popular mask equipment including: cup type mask machine, non-woven mask plane machine, N95 respirator machine, 3 m9001/9002 fold type of face mask machine, the duck mouth mask machine, stereo dust mask machine, etc. Masks masks machine, production machinery, we are on the market face mask machine are: HD Flat mask machine, HD - 0301 0304 cup type mask machine, duckbill masks masks, folding machine, gauze mask machine, etc. Flat mask machine series according to different ears with welding way and method of use can be divided into: the inner face mask machine, face mask machine, outer ear bind type mask machine, production of the three kinds of planar masks masks ontology is need for machine, it is an integral part of the planar masks.
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