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All kinds of standards of respirators

by:PST     2020-07-21
Dust mask is engaged in and dust exposure operation personnel protective equipment necessary. Sold mask type on the market is various, use also differ in thousands ways, paper masks, cotton gauze masks, activated carbon masks, prevent bacteria in the food processing with ordinary mask, the doctor surgery with white gauze mask, welders with the welding smoke and dust masks, dust and specializes in homework dust mask, self-priming prevent particulate respirator filter type, and prevent poisonous and harmful gas with gas masks, and so on. Therefore, masks when the choose and buy, want to meet the needs of the workers under different working environment. Improper selection can cause waste, severe cases will cause harm to the workers body, cause occupational disease. The following masks vendors would introduce the different types of respirators. A, American standard ( NOISHStandard) American standard ( American standard for short) Masks can be divided into three categories: N series: only used for protection of oil particles, no time limit of R series: protective oily and not oily particles within the limited time and at the same time, to contain the oily particles have time limit, Eight hours) P series: long time used for protective oily and not oily particles at the same time, Suggestions to contain oily particles have time: cumulative use 40 hours according to the filtering effect and the filter material is divided into three levels: level of 95: filtration efficiency 95% or higher level: 99 * * * * filtration efficiency, 99, 100 or higher level: * * filtration efficiency of 99 or higher. 97 dust mask vendors would introduce the different types of respirators second, the European standard ( ENStandard) The European standard ( European standard for short) All masks must have protective ability of two kinds of particles: FFP1; Filtration efficiency FFP2:80% or higher filtration efficiency 94% or greater FFP3: three, domestic respirator filter efficiency of 97% or higher standard of GB/T6224. 4 - 1986 | of filtering particle respirator to test method for airflow resistance of respiration of GB/T6224. 3 - 1986 | dead space of filtering particle respirator test method of GB/T6224. 2 - 1986 | test method for filter efficiency of filtering particle respirator GB/T6224. 1 - 1986 | total inward leakage of filtering particle respirator GB/T6223 - test method 1997 | imbibition of filtering particle respirator GB/T2626 - 1992 | self-priming filter type dust mask MT161 - general technical conditions 1987 | dust filtering air supply type dust mask GB19083 - general technical conditions 2003 | medical respirator DB31/292 - technical requirements 2003 | protection with gauze masks DB11/189 - | common knitted mask LD29-2003 1992 | dust mask
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