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Automatic Riveting Machine for 4.8mm Rivets


The following machine is automatic riveting machine for 4.8MM rivets.This is our newest product which is specially used in flight cases.As we know,the flight case is used for storing the precision devices,camera tools,precision electronic parts,etc.So the manufacturing process is complexed and plenty of rivets are used on it.This auto feed rivets machine must be worked with the air pressure of 5.5KG and pay more attention to the quality of rivets.Make sure the last two points are no problem.It can reach to the riveting speed of 40-45 pcs rivets per minute.It's also easy to be operated and simple to be maintained.

With this automatic riveting machine,the company can save cost and time by 30%-50%. Also the manufacturing quality will be guranteed.You can easily know the production volume on the control board.

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