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Project Name: Automatic Assembly Machine for Audi Car Window Lifting Buttons +1PC+Defond Dianchuang Technology Co.,ltd China Branch
Project Time: Jan 15,2019
Customer Country: Dongguan,China
Customer type: Manufacturer
Where did you find this customer: From customer’s recommendation
The purchased product name and quantity: Universal Robots Automatic Assembly Machine,1PC
Project Value: 100,000$
The order processing details:
At the beginning,PST received this customer demand from our old repeat customer.PST technician was invited to Defond and checked the project’s possibility and knew the real customer demand.Then Defond’s related people told us that they were facing the problem of high labor cost and deficient production capacity.They needed a automatic assembly machine which can replace 8-10 workers and  helped them improve the products’ quality and manufacturing capacity.
After confirming the customer demands,PST designers and technician had a meeting and talked about the solution.Finally,we put forward 1st improving solution of mechanism assembly machine which can realize the customer’s demand and also save the cost.But the 1st solution was not passed by Defond because of Low generality.They wanted this assembly machine to be a universal one which can be compatible with other car window lifting buttons,like Porsche,BMW,etc.So the 2nd improved solution that new universal robots were applied to this project was created.After getting this new solution,the customer was very satisfied with that.
After more than 55 working days hard-working,the final robots automatic assembly machine was finished and shipped to customer’s manufacturing room.Testing,debugging,modifying and re-testing.Through about 7 days’ debugging work,this machine was recognized and accepted by Defond.At the same time,the customer gave good reputation of this universal assembly machine.Defond also decided to set a long-term relationship with PST in the following related projects.

Before improvement(video)
Before improvement(video)
After improvement(Video)
After improvement(Video)


Before Improvement

After Improvement

Production efficiency

Low efficiency with many people

Increasing by 50%-60%

Operator Number

12 people

4 people

Quality Control

Difficult to calculate

Pass rate up to 98.5%


Workers injury or accident sometimes

No injury &Anti-stalling Each work station independent identification and detection

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Live video with words
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