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Decided to mask out

by:PST     2020-07-20
Masks to undergo analytical disinfection standard process after production, it takes about seven days to half a month. According to the ministry officer information display, China has quickly the speed of production face mask, 0. Can produce a 5 seconds. Why masks supply still nervous? As the public awareness of the mask industry, ethylene oxide and other chemical nouns into everyone's vision. This material directly affect the supply of surgical masks. Ethylene oxide is an important organic chemical products, in ethylene industry derivatives are usually made of ethylene and pure oxygen under the pure silver catalytic reaction, is widely used in washing, pharmaceuticals and printing and dyeing industries, is now one of the best cold disinfectant. Surgical masks generally use ethylene oxide sterilization. But ethylene oxide is a toxic carcinogens. Mask after sterilization, the surface of residual ethylene oxide, need to release by means of parsing, after reaching safety levels of the standard and quality inspection qualified, in order to the factory, the elongated masks to enter the market. On February 8, in response to why the Chinese masks production speed is still facing a shortage situation, the ministry said in the official weibo, masks to undergo analytical disinfection standard process after production, it takes about seven days to half a month. In addition to the masks, medical bandage, suture, surgical instruments, and many items not resistant to high temperature still need to disinfect, ethylene oxide is used to sterilize. Under new coronary pneumonia outbreak, masks and other medical equipment demand soared, raises its disinfectant dosage of epoxy ethane. How do supply and demand situation of the product, the price will rise? Lianchuang statistics show that at present domestic overall production capacity of about 4. 7 million tons of ethylene oxide, sinopec subordinate refining enterprises are the main producers, and part of the larger capacity of private enterprises, including the sanjiang chemical, taixing jinyan and jiang seuss state, etc. Because the epoxy ethane inflammable and explosive and resistant to the characteristics of long-distance transportation, the product also has a strong regional. Look from the region, the main production gathered in the east China area. Gold lianchuang analyst zhao peng fei to reporters interface, epoxy ethane used for one-time use of sterile medical disinfection equipment sterilization agent dosage is very limited, accounts for less than 2%; Production of poly (carboxylic acid water reducing agent monomer dosage proportion exceeds 50%, the second is used surfactants, ethanolamine series, such as polyether content production, a total of about 48%. Due to account for the relatively small, the rise in demand for medical consumables for raw materials price rise is very limited. Stability of prices of epoxy ethane has been low. Statistics show that all the information, the market price of the epoxy ethane has been stable since last November, south China, east China and north China market more than 7600 - ton price 7800 yuan. Epidemic for epoxy ethane demand pull is not obvious, but the transportation is blocked for epoxy ethane industry raw materials into to, product couldn't go out. Long pointed out that all the information within this week, epoxy ethane market supply and demand are keep cold situation, more low load operation, east China, north China, central China, a total of five sets of epoxy ethane plant production, including sand in yanshan petrochemical, petrochemical, wuhan petrochemical, etc. Zhao peng fei said that at present the slow process of epoxy ethane downstream industries and terminal resume work, logistics, temporarily not open, the whole industry chain of supply and demand is still not free, after epoxy ethane prices also a small decline in northeast China. This also with mask another basic raw materials - — Polypropylene market similar. Mask demand growth, is difficult to a obvious impact overall situation of supply and demand of polypropylene, polypropylene prices continue in a downturn.
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