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Disposable face mask machine debugging method

by:PST     2020-07-19
Disposable face mask machine, also called disposable face mask making machine, it is composed of machine, inner ear wearing surgical masks, masks ontology face mask machine, belt type outer ear masks the unit into three different disposable respirator masks production line production. One-time flat mask is one of the most common in our life masks, disposable masks vendors would also most, so you know about disposable respirator machine debugging? Fast YuDa below small make up to you in detail a one-time flat mask ear machine of conventional debugging. A, open the stop switch and power switch, power switch built-in lights. Second, adjusting the air pressure, air pressure valve under the work table, open the door can see the pressure valve of the equipment. According to the actual situation to adjust pressure. If some agency action is not synchronized, dispatch pressure is big. Work pressure is in commonly 0. 2 to 0. 6 mpa range adjustment. Third, ultrasonic inspection adjustment: ( When the stop operation of the equipment) ( 1) Open the ultrasonic generator power switch, press the 'ultrasonic inspection' switch, such as amplitude monitor index surged and more than 100, say from frequency resonance point too far, must adjust 'sonic adjustment knob. Visual display amplitude, the left hand press 'ultrasonic inspection check switch (' Not more than 3 seconds) And his right hand rotation 'sonic adjustment knob, switch to a low amplitude display pointer. Adjust the display indicators such as amplitude not falling, but rising, turn 'sonic adjustment knob' in the opposite direction. Amplitude monitor index readings within 50, the reading of the ammeter index in 0. 6 a the following is the best working state. Adjust sound wave after the butterfly nut and tighten, and close to protect cover. Disposable face mask machine ( 2) No-load test, such as 'overload indicator light,' said equipment has a problem. At this time are not allowed to start up work, must check the reason of shutdown, troubleshooting rear can work on. Four, cooling fan test: check whether the cooling fan is in normal work, to ensure that the ultrasonic transducer can work long hours at work. 5, check the pneumatic components: ( 1) Open the power supply, ventilation way, the manual will be automatically switch to switch to manual block. ( 2) Open the tray switch, check whether the tray is can run fast and stable and accurate. Check the switch after the closing materials plate ( 3) Open the mask pinch clamp switch, check whether masks pinch clamp normal action. After the check closed mask pinch clamp switch. ( 4) Switch on aggregate cylinder, check whether the aggregate cylinder is normal action. After the check closed aggregate cylinder switch. ( 5) Open the sideband welding switch, whether the sideband die down properly. ( 6) Switch on ears back to turn right, look to the right of the rotating cylinder is action and action in place. ( 7) Switch on ears back to turn left, whether on the left side of the rotating cylinder action and action in place. ( 8) With open ears cut off switch, check whether bring ear cut small cylinder work snip and can reach the specified location. ( 9) Open the ears with rejected material switch, check whether ear bring small cylinder material return to work, and can make the ear clip block release. ( 10) With open ears welding switch, check the ear module can work under pressure and get to the location specified.
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