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Dust mask several types and USES

by:PST     2020-07-18
Dust mask was first applied to engage in and the operator of the dust exposure, as the weather was worse pollution, dust mask applied more and more widely. That what are currently on the market have to dust mask model? Below by mask vendors would explain it in detail. A, use them to points: can be divided into, disposable protective respirator, multiple gas dust mask and recycled type gas dust mask and so on. Second, according to the shape points: can be divided into, half mask type, comprehensive type, flat type, cup type, duck-billed, etc. 1 type, duck-billed duck mouth dust mask made ship form design, external nose clips have to adjust the line, the internal sponges, elastic design more conform to the requirements of the mechanics, sealed performance is good, can bypass the ear, in the head, avoided due to long-term wear face mask ear discomfort, increase wearing comfort. The duck mouth mask the three-dimensional design to make the conversation more convenient, especially suitable for clean rooms, prevent bacteria, virus infection for medical use, industrial use blocking tiny dust. This product is fully automatic production line production. Made from its outer layer with soft PP non-woven, can reduce the fiber falls off phenomenon and increase wearing comfort. Using highly efficient melt-blown filter layer material, which can effectively block dust in central African oil and air particles. Application: construction, mining, textile, grinding, pharmacy, cement, glass, metal and other industries. Fish face mask machine with 2, the respiration valve exhalation valve design dust mask, reduce quantity of heat accumulation, make breathing more easily, suitable for long time under high temperature and high humidity environment using non-toxic, tasteless, no allergy, no stimulation of raw materials. High filter efficiency, low resistance adjustable nose clip, make face mask and facial sealing better, dust can not easily leak into treated with electrostatic filter layer, effectively filter and adsorption extremely tiny harmful industrial dust, prevent silicosis ultrasound welding, spandex elastic silk material to protect the wearer more effectively application: construction, agriculture, animal husbandry, food processing, cement plants, textile mills, cutting dust, heavy metals in the workplaces where harmful pollutants. Three, dust mask respirator machine USES 1, prevent or reduce dust in the air into the respiratory organs so as to protect the safety of life of individual protection supplies; 2, material: dust mask mostly adopts the two layers of non-woven fabric inside and outside, the middle layer of filter cloth ( Melt-blown fabric) Structure; 3, filtration principle: filter dust mainly by the middle of the cloth, because the melt-blown fabric has itself with the characteristics of the electrostatic, can adsorption volume of tiny particles. Due to dust adsorption on the filter cloth, filter cloth belt electrostatic can't washed, so the dust mask is a one-off. 4, note: the world is quite strict with the use of dust mask, dust mask belonging to the first rank in the personal protective equipment, higher than the earmuffs and safety glasses, etc. Compare the authority of the certification testing with NIOSH certification European CE certification and the United States.
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