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Face mask machine equipment automation solution in the application

by:PST     2020-07-18
So what kind of face mask for new coronavirus effective? Small make up you for finishing for everyone. The N95 FFP1 and surgical masks are able to filter the droplets, thus effectively protection of new type of coronavirus. Among them, surgical masks are the suggested that the general public use. First of all, its high protection grade, protection of virus bacteria, dust and pollen is effective; Second, compared with the N95 and FFP1, it has the highest cost performance; Finally, its corresponding production equipment can improve the highest efficiency, guarantee the supply; Therefore, the general public need most is a surgical mask, specifically surgical mask plane. Surgical mask plane machine equipment automation solution in the application of servo motor | mask processing equipment of servo motor processing equipment. We can clear: the main equipment required for epidemic is surgical mask plane machine equipment. Mask processing equipment classification surgical plane face mask machine is a more formed, namely the mask body and ears with welding one-piece. Main technological means is ultrasonic sealing side and welding technology.
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