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Face mask machine how to maintain

by:PST     2020-07-18
Face mask machine maintenance and maintenance is important, not only can delay masks reduce the speed of the machine precision, but also can reduce the probability of equipment maintenance. We usually put masks and machine maintenance is divided into several aspects: appearance, transmission system, electrical system, ultrasound system, pneumatic system. ( Equipment maintenance and maintenance must be carried out after the power outage) Appearance: masks is what we used to wear on your face, or even be used to enter operating room, so the demand of the production of the mask must face mask machine must be clean and health. While going off work every day need to arrange personnel to equipment after off working mesa, cheng fang mask plate clean, pay attention to not water, not oil, can use alcohol and other non-toxic volatile cleaning fluid. Transmission system: system including motor, gear, gear reducer, sprockets, chains, conveyor belt and other parts, we need to check whether there is motor outer surface adhesion of dust and other things affect the heat dissipation, gear, sprocket, whether oil, if there were any attachments. Chain looseness is appropriate if there is a foreign body, such as whether the transmission links between a screw loose. Reducer lubricating oil is enough? General - in 1000 hours 1500 hours, need to replace a lubricating oil. Electrical system: check if there's any loose for equipment circuit connector, main power line and branch line have wear? Aging? Electric parts loose? Inside the electrical box is clean, dry, exhaust fan is working correctly, and so on. Ultrasound system: ( By ultrasound electric box, vibration, welding head, cables) Check whether the ultrasound system is clean, especially ultrasound electric box, vibration son ( Transducer) , welding head ( Expand ratio) There cannot be water must be dry clean, cables must be sturdiness. Always check the ultrasound welding head wear degree. Observe ultrasound electric box on the voltmeter and ammeter pointer range. Gas supply system: Consists of air filtration system, trachea, cylinder) Air filter cup check whether there is water? Water on the water, by the way to air compressor ( Air compressor water: humidity large area every day on the water for air compressor) 。 Check the gas pipelines leak? Cylinder with and without air leakage? Cylinder magnetic sensor location and prevention work is normal. Also: devices cannot contact corrosion liquid and objects, such as sweat, extremely easy to cause equipment parts rust. Equipment for a long time not to use such as holiday. Should be to face mask machine drive system with anti-rust oil and rust parts.
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