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Face mask machine matters that should pay attention to the installation process

by:PST     2020-07-18
Mask machine is a kind of efficient planar masks bind welding equipment, mainly used for non-woven mask plane spiral welding, can be welding a variety of types of planar masks of bandages, mainly is suitable for the 2 layer non-woven surface non-woven masks, 3 layer masks, medical surface activated carbon masks, 4 layer mask, gas mask plane spiral welding. Mask factory house below small make up to you to introduce mask machine matters needing attention in installation process. 1. Face mask machine before handling, must first loosen level adjustment screws located at the base of the machine. 2. Such as face mask machine the parts apart when using the combined loading, shall be in accordance with the disassembly when mark together. 3. Will face mask machine put in proper place, must be fixed, please adjust the level state of level adjustment screw the machine. Removing a transport equipment with bundled the fixed rope. 4. Face mask machine checked prior to power supply voltage and machine use voltage is consistent and stable, consistent and stability can only be connected to the power supply, otherwise easy to damage the electric control system and the ultrasonic system. 5. Face mask machine must be grounded to prevent leakage. Must first electricity pen test until the electricity cable and the machine have charged, in order to prevent the cable damage caused by the leakage in the process of transportation. 6. Face mask machine need to gas equipment must first check air pressure, can connect air supply. 7. Inspection or repair mask machine, must stop, to prevent the accident. 8. Keep the machine inside and outside clean, clean, without sundry. 9. Driving part moving parts such as: between sprocket and chain knife wheel clamp for high-risk groups, please do not contact when the machine is running or trying to adjust these areas, easy was the task of crushed or cut. 10. Ultrasonic vibration with high pressure, do not touch the parts with the hand, in order to avoid the electric shock and scald. 11. A cooling fan, fan rotates not touch. 12. Electric box and ultrasonic system non-specialists or maintenance personnel, please do not open. In order to avoid electrocution!
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