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How much do you know for respirator machine

by:PST     2020-07-19
Face mask machine can produce all kinds of different types of masks, and have been widely used in all walks of life, now mask factory house to tell everybody money belt type mask machine equipment has the characteristics of the: 1. Frame aluminum alloy and stainless steel, light and beautiful appearance does not rust. 2. Automatic ultrasonic welding wheel adopts imported high quality steel DC53, mould long service life, wear-resisting and durable. 3. Automatic counting, which can effectively control the production efficiency and production schedule. 4. Frequency conversion control, according to the actual need to adjust the equipment running speed. How much do you know for face mask machine ( Masks ontology machine) 5. Ultrasonic mask tube filling machine, more accurate positioning, can make the raw material width control to small, cost savings. 6. Face mask machine product length size control and unified, plus or minus 1 mm deviation, can effectively control the length of the finished product. 7. A high degree of automation equipment, low requirement to the operating staff, and only feeding and finishing products. 8. Stable performance, easy to operate.
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