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How to adjust the accuracy difference for labeling machine?


Labeling Machine Accuracy
When using the labeling machine, we often have the problem of poor labeling accuracy. The poor labeling accuracy can easily affect the aesthetics of the label. Therefore, such problems should be adjusted in time. So what are the reasons for the poor labeling accuracy of the labeling machine? How to adjust? Today we will discuss it together.

Mechanical Reasons

 Firstly, it is mechanical reasons which are divided into static and dynamic:

  a. The static cause is the head swaying. Solution: Fix the header by tightening the header and adjusting the fixed seat to avoid swaying.

  b. Dynamic reasons: 1. The product is shaken on the conveying. Solution: By reducing the guiding gap, the product can be prevented from shaking on the conveying; 2. The bidding and product speed matching, solution: adjusting the traction frequency or conveying speed , so that the product is just out of the mark when it reaches the labeling position.

 Secondly, It is electrical reasons which includes both detection and power:

  a. The specific reasons for the detection are: 1. The stopwatch is not allowed. Solution: Reset the measurement of the electric eye, let the labeling machine stop the bidding after the product is labeled; 2. The measurement is not allowed, the solution: adjust The measuring object and the amplifier can accurately detect the labelled product and accurately bid.

 b. The common cause of power is the abnormality of the transmission. Solution: Ensure the normal operation of the labeling machine by checking the fastening components.

Product Reasons

There are two reasons for the product: label and product:

a. The problem of the label is that the label spacing is not up to standard. Solution: Select the label spacing to achieve labeling. 

b. Product problems are often caused by excessive product accuracy error. Solution: Check and adjust the dimensional accuracy of the product to ensure that the label is attached to the fixed position of the product when labeling.

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