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How to choose a right labeling machine in order to help you save more than 80% of time and efforts?


About Difference between PST-C12 and PSC-C11C Semi-automatic Labeling Machine

Today we will talk about the two most popular semi-automatic labeling machine PST-C12  and PST-C11C.They are both semi-automatic,same functions(compatible with round bottles[Φ15mm~φ160mm],labeling precision is ±0.5mm and labeling speed is 20-40 pcs per minute) and same application( widely used in food, medicine, daily chemicals, electronics, hardware, plastic and other industries).

But the differences between PST-C12 and PST-C11C are coming as follows:

First,the structure of locomotive tractor is different.PST-C12 is powered by air pressure but PST-C11C is powered by motor.

Second,the operator ‘s experience is different.PST-C12 is forced by air pressure,so there will be a slight vibration compared to PST-C11.That means that its stability will be weaker than PST-C11. At the same time,the noise will be louder than PST-C11C.

Third,the usage scenario is different.PST-C12 is limited by the air pressure motivation.So it is will be a good choice to choose when your place is well-matched with completed equipment.Otherwise,PST-C11C will be a nice option.Because it is more flexible and only worked with electricity.


In a word,if you want a more stable and flexible machine,please choose PST-C11C.If your factory(company) is well-matched with completed equipment,PST-C12 will be a nice choice.Lastly and most importantly,these two machines are coming with same price.Please don’t hesitate to inquire us and choose the right one you want.Thanks.  

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