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How to choose a right automatic carton labeling machine?


Firstly,let's know about the functions and categories of automatic carton labeling machine.Automatic carton labeling machine is a labeler that can stick adhesive sticker to designated position of a carton.After several years of development,automatic carton labeling machine has become an indispensable part of packaging line.According to labeling position,it can be divided into 4 categories:       

Automatic Flat labeling machine 

Application for small boxes/plastic boxes/products.

Automatic Flat labeling Head

Application for production line,such as books/boxes.

  • ◪  Automatic Carton Top Labeling Machine:Stick label on the top side of cartons,boxes,books.etc...Flat and arc surface are applicable.It is the most common carton labeling machine type.

  • ◪  Automatic Carton Side Labeling Machine:Stick label on sides of cartons/boxes.Flat and arc surface are applicable.

  • ◪  Automatic Carton Bottom Labeling Machine:Stick label on bottom side of cartons/boxes.Flat and arc surface are applicable.

  • ◪  Automatic Carton Corner Labeling Machine:Stick label on 2 adjacent sides of cartons/boxes.Flat and arc surface are applicable.

Secondly,let's know about the features of automatic carton labeling machine.


Thirdly,please choose the right labeling machine according to your different request and products.If you are not good at that, please feel free to contact us by email or online chatting: What's app: +86 15361658905.Thanks.For more information of labeling machines,please kindly visit our web:   

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