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How to deal with the bubbles& wrinkles when applying bottle labeling machine?


How to deal with bubbles&wrinkles when applying bottle label applicator machine?Take PST's 803 automatic round bottle labeling machine as example,let's see how to solve this problem.

1.Transpaent Label
It is hard to avoid small bubbles if with transparent label,what we focus on is eliminating big 

bubbles.We must keep clean of the bottle surface,even small dust could bring about big bubbles.

Meantime ensure the label is suitable for the bottle,and strictly control the bottle quality.

2.Conventional Bottle Type

Conventional bottle type means cylindrical bottle.Bubbles usually caused by the not matching speed of label-strengthening and transmission.We need to set parameters "Automatic traction speed" and "Label-strengthening" in the touch screen.

3.Tapered Bottle

Wrinkles tend to occur easily for tapered bottles,there could be several situations:

a.Label not match with bottle.

For tapered bottles,we always strongly recommend customers to send us samples to confirm if the label 

is suitable for the machine.We still simulate the labeling process and suggest customers to make some adjustment if the label can  not pasted well.

b.Labeling-strengthening roller need adjustment.

For tapered bottles,we need to adjust the angle of strenthening roller to adapt to the bottle shape.Sometimes we need to add a top belt to ensure steadily transmission.

c.Label-peeling Plate Adjustment

After confirming the label is suitable,we need to adjust the labling head to make the label-peeling 

plate be paralleled to the bottle shape by the adjusters.Meantime,traction speed must be matching with 

the strengthening speed.

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