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How to Distinguish the Automatic Riveting Machine and Automatic Blind Riveting Machine


Recently, there are always foreigners asking about automatic nail pullers and automatic riveting machines? What is the difference between the two? Today we will have a chat.


This rivet and rivet, I specifically looked at the dictionary: pull, force to move in the direction of your own or follow yourself; riveting (mǎo), tapping or stamping (such as metal pins, rods or bolts) end or tip The ankle or tip makes the ankle thicker. Therefore, the direction of this force is not the same!

Blind Rivets

In addition, there are no special definitions for rivets and rivets in English. Instead a rivets (rivets), blind rivets (blind rivets, hollow rivets) pop-rivets, also called pull nails. So, if the foreigner asks you next time, riveting machine, it may be the above two, you must confirm again.


This rivet can be divided into hollow and solid according to its shape. Solid rivets are divided into countersunk heads, semi-circular heads, flat heads, flat cone heads, etc. The hollow rivet has a semi-hollow shape: a flat head and a round head. According to the material, there are stainless steel, copper, aluminum and iron.


There are many sizes in the market for pull nails: 2.4/3.0/3.2/4.0/4.8/6.0mm, etc.; materials and rivets are classified in the same way. Here to add a rivet and rivet of the same material / size, the cost of the rivet will be lower.


From the application point of view, rivets are mostly used in tarpaulin paper products, baby carriages, toy hardware, luggage golf, lighting electronics, shoes and hats, etc. Don't look down upon the rivets, put them on shoes, backpacks, clothes, that's beautiful! (see picture)


For rivets, we often lie in air boxes, computer cases, cabinets, furniture hoods, air conditioning bellows, hardware processing, aluminum alloy doors and windows, ladders, etc.


Automatic rivet machine, the market is popular horizontal, vertical, heavy metal structure, fixed work (punching) is generally in a horizontal plane, the use of rivets are mostly large, the efficiency of the operation is low. From the perspective of the user, there is a certain risk.

Automatic nailing machine, the time of domestic rise is short, relatively speaking, has a certain scientific and technological content, the speed of nailing is fast, the waste can be recycled, the operation mode can be in the horizontal, vertical or other lateral angles, the operation is flexible and simple, the risk factor low. 

Above we analyze the differences between the two from the perspective of concepts, definitions, application scenarios and design and manufacturing. Hope it is helpful.Welcome to inquire us for more information about riveting machine.

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