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Joint effect of masks

by:PST     2020-07-21
According to introducing, masks must be suitable for size, way of wearing also must be correct, masks will be effective. Selling masks on the market generally divided into rectangle and goblet. The structure of the rectangular masks at least three layers of paper to a protective role. Users to put the mask on the wire on the bridge of the nose, down the bridge of the nose will be the whole mask out again to work efficiency. Can let children wearing surgical masks rectangle, because it has no fixed shape, if well tie, can with the faces of children. Cup mask is to ensure that the mask on the face after sufficient density, breathe out air is not leaked to be effective. When wearing a cup shape face mask, but will try to blow his hands covered with masks, check whether there is air leakage from mask edge, if masks cover is not tight, to readjust the position after worn.
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