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KF94 Full Automatic Mask Machine can be exported to Korea?



Recently,the KF94 full automatic mask making machine is very popular and hot in china mask machine market.Do you know why it is so hot? Today we will have a look.

Firstly,le'ts konw about the definition of KF94 mask. In china,we called Fished Design Mask. It is also like a fish.But it is surely safe and beautiful.It is the Korea Test standard for non-medical mask.There are more and more women and ladies who wear this kind of mask.

Advantage 1:Comfortable Design 

If you wear the KN95 mask and disposal surgical face mask, you will find a problem that the mask is not easy to be breathed.And if you are a glass wearer,the hot air will be polluted your glasses. It is very bad experience.

But if you choose this KF94 mask, that will be very easy and comfortable to be weared.There is a perfect curl in the nose bridge which can make you breathing freely without fog. 

Advantage 2:Beautiful Appearance

If you see the wearing outlook, you will find that it's very amazing and pretty.Especailly for ladies. The wearing effect is very generous and decent.

So the Flight attendant,stars,yound ladies,policemen,women.etc... are very popular to wear this mask.


Advantage 3:Good breathability and Thin.

This KF94 mask is very common in every season.It is very light and thin. So you don't need to worry about the season changing. It will be suitable for every seasons.

That is why so many people like it.         


In a word

Do you want to know how this mask was produced?

Yes, it's made in china . The KF94 mask machine is fast delivery time and working stable. 

The producing speed can be 35-40pcs /minute. The non-woven fabric and meltblown are 

very economy.It only needs 3 layers to be finished.

Thank you for your time to read this article. If you want to know more details. please feel 

free to contact us by email or what's app:+8617157862131. 

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