Labeling Machine


As a manufacturer, we cupply both automatic bottle labeling machine and semi automatic labeling machine. Automatic labeling machine is designed for different size and shape products,such as round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, boxes, cards,etc. The labeling machine has been widely used for apparel, beverage, chemical, commodity, food, machinery & hardware, medical, textiles and other industires. With many advantages of control system, operation system, detection system, alarm function, high quality material and voltage transformer. Has been developing in the industry for years.  Some products of series will be shown below. Adhering to the service concept to be customer-oriented, wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality products and professional services.


Automatic Labeling Machine

Rolling Labeling Machine

Square Bottle Labeling Machine

Semi Automatic Labeling Machine

WHy Choose Us 

PST Automation provide One-stop Customized Solution of Industrial Automation Equipment, Robots Integrated Application. Independent research and development of the whole equipment, including Engineering Design, Mechanism Parts Processing, Program Development, Software Production, Assembly and Debugging, Technical Training and After-sales Service. Solution can help you improve the quality control, Make products’ quality pass rate up to 98% even more. Collect the production data of each order easily and Realize digital management. To give the whole general solution of possible improvement.To make customers understand the principle of automated production line. To draw the mechanism part and find the right position of each standard parts.Then make BOM table for each equipment. Check the BOM list and make final acceptance. Spare Parts Processing &External Purchase

We are Factory

We have own production base, have leading technology in the industry.Could provide One-stop Customized Solution of Industrial Automation Equipment.

Fulfilling Customer Demands

To know clearly what solution the customers want and how can help customers solve the problems of manufacturing. Put forward the possible replacement solution of machines.

Checking Solution & Modification

To check the solution step by step and modify the unreasonable parts.Finish the part of modification when customer confirm the final solution.

Online Trial Production

To test the production and performance of whole machine in reasonable standards.To modify the problems in production process and fulfill it.

Mass Production

If the machine is very stable,then we would arrange manufacture the products in big quantity. Debug one by one and make sure each separate equipment all right.

Packing for Shippment

Self-checking quality confirmation to check the machine before packing, do all-round packaging to keep the goods safe, also ensure customer’s delivery time.

High Production Efficiency & Quality assurance & Factory Price!

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