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Mask of the manufacturing process

by:PST     2020-07-19
Appearance: masks plays a big role in our daily life, so the mask vendors would do not need to mask when production machine to clean and big business, ensure the mask clean in production. Every staff from work to clean masks, oil and water can be cleaned up. Can only use alcohol such as ruling volatile cleaning fluid. Transmission system: automatic respirator machine is check the maintenance problem of automatic face mask machine drive system by the motor, gear, gear reducer, sprockets, chains, conveyor belt and other parts, we need to check whether there is motor outer surface adhesion of dust and other things affect the heat dissipation, gear, sprocket, whether oil, if there were any attachments. Chain looseness is appropriate if there is a foreign body, such as whether the transmission links between a screw loose. Reducer lubricating oil is enough? Electrical system: check whether the circuit connection is loose, the power cord for exists the phenomenon of aging, wear and tear, vents can normal operation. Ultrasonic system: check whether the ultrasonic system is clean, welding head must be kept dry, if found to have water, dry immediately. After a period of time, inspection on ultrasonic welding head of wear degree. Pay attention to the voltmeter and current edge pointer range! Gas supply system: Consists of air filtration system, trachea, cylinder) Air filter cup check whether there is water? 3 d face mask machine if filter water too much water to, by the way to the air compressor in the water, small make up remind you, humidity large area every day on the water for air compressor. Check the gas pipelines leak? Cylinder with and without air leakage? Cylinder magnetic sensor location and prevention work is normal.
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