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N95 respirator can't often take, can damage the respiratory system?

by:PST     2020-07-20
Recently, a friend said N95 mask cannot be used to take, can damage the respiratory system. We have learned, N95 filtering mechanism is electrostatic fibre, by positively charged ions adsorption particles, the mechanism how can damage the respiratory system? See reason is that face mask can lead to breathing disorders, and for a long time can cause lack of oxygen. N95 respirator from SARS period has been the darling of the market. N95 is not a specific product name, it is the standard of classification of a mask, which is in the U. S. NIOSH standard 'filter non oily particles efficiency for more than 95%', and through NIOSH ( The national institute for occupational safety and health) Review of masks. In general, the higher filtration efficiency, protective effect is better, but also the breathing resistance. Therefore, N95 is the best balance of protection and comfort, therefore also be an option for most people. The n95 respirator machine professional manufacturer will describe n95 respirator can't really long wear? To this, the experts said, according to labor insurance regulations in Germany, workers wearing N95 respirator can't more than half an hour at a time, half an hour later, must take off mask normal breathing more than half an hour. Otherwise may cause permanent damage to the respiratory system. Children, older people and patients with cardiovascular disease should not be used. Go out wearing N95 respirator has certain protective effect, but not for a long time. N95 respirator machine selection against the haze masks notice: when consumer is choosing the haze masks, masks should pay attention to the execution of the standard, brands and features the three points. Choose masks the PM2. 5, the first thing to observe packaging and product ontology, look to whether marked with clear and approved respirator standards, such as 'N95', 'FFP1' etc. Let's also notice when the choose and buy the mask on the package, then it is the material of which conforms to the standard. The most familiar haze masks, there may be a is 3 m. Its particles masks, single price basic on the 10-20 yuan, compared with other regular of anti particles masks, high cost performance. Followed by the N95 respirator, its main material is imitation of cotton cloth and a mask is special filter cotton, plus the mask the overall design of sealing of PM2. 5 and avian influenza viruses stop filtering effect is good, N95 respirator and industrial dust and toxic gases environment also has a good protective effect at present, medical protective mask are national standards and industrial dust mask, and other various types of nominal with functions of protective masks would not have the unified national standards governing, existence quality hidden trouble.
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