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N95 respirator safety standards

by:PST     2020-07-20
N95 respirator, NIOSH ( The national institute for occupational safety and health) Certification of one of the nine anti particles masks. The meaning of 'N' is not suitable for oily particles ( Stir-fry the lampblack is oily particles, and the droplets generated by the people to talk or cough not oily) ; '95' means, in the NIOSH standard testing conditions, the filtration efficiency reached 95%. N95 is not a specific product name. As long as the N95 standards, and through NIOSH review products can be called 'type N95 mask'. N95 respirator is NIOSH formulated in 1995 one of the nine criteria. 'N' means 'not resistant to oil ( notresistanttooil) ”。 '95' said exposed under prescribed number of special test particle, concentration of particles in the mask to 95% lower than the gas mask particle concentration. 95% of that figure is not average, but zui little value, so most of the average of the actual product is set in more than 99%. NIOSH certification level of other particles masks include N99, N100, R95, R99, R100, P95, P99, P100, these protection level to be able to cover the N95 protection scope, the 'R' means, suitable for oily or non oily particles, if used in oily particles of protection, use no more than 8 hours; 'P' means, suitable to oil or oily particles, if used in oily particles, using time should follow the manufacturer's recommendations. And '99' and '100' refers to the level of filtration efficiency, respectively. N95 respirator vendors would introduce N95 respirator safety standards according to the oil resistance is divided into 'N', the 'R', 'P', according to capture rate is divided into '95', '99' and '100'. The 'R' means 'oil resistant ( resistanttooil) ', 'P' for 'oil ( 耐油的) ', said '99' of the capture rate over 99%, '100' in 99. More than 7%. In addition, N100, P100, R100 type three masks with 0. 3 micron particle testing, blocking efficiency should be 99. More than 7%, N99, P99, R99 are filtering rate over 99%, the N95, P95, R95 are filtering rate above 95%. Therefore, N95 respirator with 0. 3 micron nacl particle test, cut off rate must be above 95%, and the wear user face tightness test, to ensure that on the edge of the thick stick face conditions, air can come in and go out through the mask. In accordance with this test the N95 certificate number are sent.
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