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N95 respirator vendors would prevent mist haze masks up. the principle

by:PST     2020-07-19
Prevent mist haze masks principle actually similar to the principle of dust mask filter dust, the difference is the smog masks and dust mask protection object is different. Prevent mist haze masks primarily for fog particles, including car exhaust, dust, pollen, etc. , and the diameter of the dust mask is aimed at non oily particles of different size. Prevent mist haze mask filtering material is generally composed of nonwoven fabric, depending on the fiber filter filter protection functions. N95 mask vendors would introduce usually fiber filter dust principle mainly includes the following aspects, respectively is: the electrostatic adsorption, gravity sedimentation, inertial deposition, diffusion deposition effect and directly. Prevent mist haze dust respirator filter material filter principle: ( 1) Electrostatic adsorption masks the filtration layer of the fiber to prevent mist haze with polarization charge electret fiber, and the working environment of suspended particles in the air more with positive or negative charge. When these charged particles near by electret, is strongly adsorbed on in a fiber. Disposable face mask machine ( 2) Gravity sedimentation refers to through the anti-fog haze mask filter material quality of some of the relatively large particles in the sports, deviation flow direction due to gravity, deposit to the fiber. ( 3) Inertial deposition of particles in the air with the air flow through the filter material bending network channels, the momentum of the larger particles due to inertia effect will deviate from the flow direction, collision with fiber and captured, and because of intermolecular forces trapped, this is the inertial deposition. ( 4) Diffusion deposition efficiency particulate matter - tiny particles in the air with the ongoing of gas molecular collision can produce random thermal motion of Brownian motion, led to a tiny particles without rules of sports, the sports cause a random collision of the particles and fibers, dust particles due to fiber molecular gravity by adsorption. ( 5) Directly capture directly capture refers to the larger dust particles with airflow movement by filtering material mechanical sieve filter function intercept, or in line close to the fiber, contact particles and fibers, is captured by the fiber. Prevent mist haze masks vendors would tell everyone don't scientific selection and incorrect to wear mask, it will bring health damage. So face mask machine equipment supplier recommend grey haze days as far as possible not to stay outdoors, can be in the room to blow air purification machine, don't go out as far as possible.
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