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On planar masks production technology is introduced

by:PST     2020-07-23
Most of the planar masks are disposable masks, this kind of mask very good air permeability, can filter poisonous gas, heat preservation, water absorption, tensile properties not rather unkempt feel is very good and soft, relative to the other masks more lightsome texture is very elastic stretching can be restored after the price is suitable for mass production; Its material non-woven, filter paper, besides a general function of lead materials such as carbon cloth. Planar masks cheap, simple structure, easy to wear, is widely used in every field of life for dust filtration sterilization. Flat mask machine production of planar masks, also known as disposable masks non-woven mask, its structure is 3 Z fold rectangle shape, its national standard is 95 x175mm, overall spread width is not less than 175 mm. A planar masks, production process, divided into: 2 layer non-woven masks, 3 layer non-woven masks, four activated carbon masks. Planar masks raw materials: 2 layer mask: non-woven, nose bridge reinforcement, hanging ears. Flat mask machine 3 layer mask: non-woven, nose bridge reinforcement, ears hang, filter cotton, Filter paper) 。 Activated carbon masks: non-woven, nose bridge reinforcement, ears hang, filter cotton, Filter paper) And activated carbon cloth. Planar masks classification: outer ear with planar masks, ear with planar masks, bind type planar plane masks masks, production equipment, semi-automatic production technology: 1 need flat mask pattern, the ear with welding machine at least two devices. If production bind mask machine, welding machine is equipped with a mask strap machine matching: planar masks play pattern in 1, and two ears with welding machine or mask strap. Efficiency: planar masks play pattern in the 120 - minute by minute 150 pieces, ear with 40 - welding machine 50 pieces. 2, fully automated production process: the need to use: yituo two planar masks all-in-one ( According to the capacity of optional) Three planar masks, yituo all-in-one ( According to the capacity of optional) Efficiency: yituo all-in-one: - 80 110pcs/min; Yituo three all-in-one: 110 - 150 PCS/min, flat mask forming principle, main is to use the principle of ultrasonic welding and automatic sealing side, complete flat mask multilayer composite material molding machine. Mask machine is used for automatic production multilayer material flat mask finished product of the machine, you can use 1 ~ 4 layer PP spun spun-bonded non-woven activated carbon and filtration material, the entire process from raw material into the expected nose line inserted into the linesman cut finished are a line automation work, according to the materials used need not deliberately to achieve such as N95, FFP2 such as different standards.
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