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Prevent mist haze respirator use six big mistake

by:PST     2020-07-20
With the rapid development of economy, the increasing deterioration of the environment, the air quality worse and worse, all kinds of air pollution has been the attention of the whole society, people pay more and more attention to their health protection. Among them, one of the most obvious phenomenon is many people have formed a habit of out using a mask. But in the process of using a mask we often have some mistake, below small make up to you to summarize common respirator use erroneous zone. Myth 1, long wear better in sealing wore had better not more than two hours, half an hour should be picked for a change of air. In addition, in the process of picking wear, as far as possible not to mask the inner exposed, will contact with the outside world dirty air, reduce the service life of the mask. Mistake 2, wearing a mask is health and prevent mist haze mask can really block pollutants and bacteria, such as the harm to human body, but there are serious high blood pressure, heart, lungs or respiratory disease or difficulties ( Such as asthma, emphysema) People don't wear a face mask, may be dangerous. Myth, masks can also prevent mist haze after cleaning face mask filter is electrostatic adsorption material, and water to wash after failure, then put on not only unable to prevent haze, wet filter also breeds bacteria, further threats to human health. Myth, the subway can pick a lot of people on the subway and then put the mask picked, this is not correct. Subway, bus, shopping malls, such as crowds gathered in public places, stream, there must be a lot of pollutants in the air, the subway PM2. 5 levels many times higher than outdoor, it is recommended that the fog haze days everyone on the train had honestly anti-fog haze masks. Myth 5, mask makes little sense to whether or not to bring a exhalation valve professional PM2. Masks are divided into 5 with exhalation valve and without exhalation valve two kinds, and marked with N and KN logo, N95 refers to less than 2. The ability to capture 5 micron particles is 95%; Ability to capture KN90 is at 90%. Cardiopulmonary function of bad people, it is suggested that as far as possible choose with valve mask. This kind of anti fog wore time for two days or so commonly, a respirator use 3 - again and again 1-5 times Two hours is more reasonable. Myth 6, cough, sneeze not pick masks when coughing or sneezing, breathe out the large amount of heat and wet saliva will mask, its effect in blocking bacteria decreases, protective, suggestion will mask off, wear again after coughing or sneezing.
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