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There are two kinds of products in PST,one is standard automatic machines and the other is customized automated machines.

Regarding to standard automated machines,PST manufactures automatic labeling machines,blind riveting machines,picking and placing units.The auto labeling machine includes semi-automatic labeling machine and full-automatic labeling machine,which greatly increases the speed of labeling labels and saves the much time and labor cost.

Blind riveting machine is PST new creative product which can be classified by 3.2mm and 4.8mm rivets machine.It works with different diameter of rivets and has been applicated widely in computer,flight case,kitchen,sheet metal,air-conditioner etc...

Picking and Placing Units are mainly used in automated equipment factories.It just looks like robot but it is more economy and stable to finish the process of assembling and detecting.The biggest advantage is that it is flexible and easy to be operated.

But for customized automatic machines,PST is good at developing and manufacturing the whole production line for many industries,like AUDI car window buttons shifting machine,Robotic Integrated Application Machine for Sheet Metal and Smart Inspection 

Machine for OPPO mobile phones.

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