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PST auto feed rivet gun supplier for sale

PST auto feed rivet gun supplier for sale

PST auto feed rivet gun supplier for sale

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Pigeon Smart Automation's labeling machine is of exquisite workmanship, which is reflected in the details.Under the guidance of market, Pigeon Smart Automation constantly strives for innovation. labeling machine has reliable quality, stable performance, good design, and great practicality.
Enterprise Strength
  • Pigeon Smart Automation firmly believes that there is always going to be better. We wholeheartedly provide each customer with professional and quality services.
Company Advantages
1. The design of PST industrial rivet gun is carefully conducted. Its electric circuit parts are finely arranged after consideration of circuit compatibility.
2. It has good strength. Its elements are strong enough to sustain all the forces it is designed for so that it is not damaged or permanently deformed during its lifetime.
3. The product is notable for durability. Its mechanical components and structure are all made of high-performance materials that are highly resistant to aging.
4. People said that they no longer worry about the environmental pollution problem as this product can be properly recycled.


700-C2 riveting gun is only applicable when the factory is attached with the applicable size of the nail nozzle, the jaw box head and the jaws and the jaw pusher. 

Before confirming that these fixtures are fixed, the correct parts of these fixtures must be confirmed. And size.

It is advantageous to clean the jaws every 2 to 3 days while the tool is in continuous use, and depending on the number of rivets being fixed, approximately every 3,000 rivets.

The steps to remove the jaws are as follows:

1. Untie the supply of air.

2. Use a screw wrench to loosen the structure of the head and clean the inside of the head frame.

3. Hold the lock nut of the jaw box, unscrew the jaw box, and use the screw wrench from the oil plug to reopen the washer of the lock nut.

4. Release the jaw head from the jaw box and remove the jaw pusher spring, jaw pusher and a jaw.

5. Jaws, jaw thrusters, jaw thruster springs, and jaw box heads. Now use the brush to clean all debris. If it is worn or damaged, replace these parts.

6. The mechanical mechanism of the oil has good quality oil. We strongly recommend that you apply 081 brand jaw oil on the back of the jaw.

081 brand jaw oil is effective for application.

How to maintain it?

Please specify 1/8” (3.2mm), 5/32 (4.0mm) and 3/16” (4.8mm)

The rivet is mounted with a simple change of the nail device without any other changes.

Connect the tool train to the air supply, hold the trigger and press down to know that the nail tip device is loose, reinstall and re-lock; the nail head device can also be changed via the loose head frame.

Since the tool is out of the factory, a moderately sized jaw pusher and jaw tablet and jaw head box have been installed.

Jaw pusher

2. Pliers piece

3. Jaw box

4. Change the steps in the jaw statement maintenance. These parts are included in the tool.

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Using Tips:

Before using, observe the tail end of the retracting hole of the rivet machine to ensure that the claw piece group is opened and the hole is in a state of round hole.

The rear duct should be completely screwed into the oil piston tube, and then locked with the loose nut in reverse rotation; the front and rear ducts are also threaded and should be fully screwed in.

 If the brake ring bayonet cannot be aligned at the same time After the clamping position of the rear catheter, the front catheter can be rotated slightly in the opposite direction to match the brake ring. 

Note: The front tube should not be loosened more than one circumference in the opposite direction.

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Company Features
1. After successfully introducing high technologies, PST has been more confident to create high quality auto feed rivet gun.
2. We have wise leading teams who have experience in creating a high-efficient working atmosphere. They know the importance of building a platform for employees for open communication and ideas gathering.
3. The principle of our company is always sticking to quality. We devote ourself to improving product quality throughout the whole production stages. They range from materials sourcing, manufacturing technologies and facilities to strict quality testing. Although there are ups and downs, what remains unchanged is Shenzhen Pigeon Smart Automation Co.,Ltd 's pioneering spirit. Through innovation, new standards for industrial rivet gun will be created in Shenzhen Pigeon Smart Automation Co.,Ltd. Contact!
Moreover, we make required changes in industrial rivet gun in order to match with the latest development of the industry. The product is a combination of fashion trend and functionality
industrial rivet gun is designed to bring great convenience for customers. The product can be washed repeatedly with clean water
Owing to its industrial rivet gun, our industrial rivet gun has met with a warm reception and quick sale. It is well accepted by European and American users
After studying the body frame of industrial rivet gun, industrial rivet gun with excellent properties is gained. Every step for the product, say manufacturing, packing, and shipment, is well controlled
The unique function of auto feed rivet gun is well received by the customers. The product is easy to care for
This product is not easy to get corroded. Its specially coated surface makes it not prone to oxidation in humid environments. The product color is selectable, such as black, blue, and pink
This product is wrinkle resistance. Its fabrics have passed performance testing to have high elasticity and strong frictional resistance that can retain the original shape. The product is listed in the top 5 underwear brands in China
The product has a cushion effect. It is designed in a manner that evenly distributes the load across the feet hence to reduce the landing impact. It comes in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and patterns
This product is innocuous. It has passed the materials test that focuses on the safety of ingredients, such as Chlorinated phenols and dimethyl fumarate. Invisible and adjustable, it is well acceptable to women
This product has excellent stitch density. The number of stitches in the one-inch segment has been strictly counted to conforms to stitch specifications. The product is easy to care for
Shenzhen Pigeon Smart Automation Co.,Ltd keeps well informed about auto feed rivet gun technical developments, new application and new products in the field. Invisible and adjustable, it is well acceptable to women
Through collaborative innovation, and joint promotion in auto feed rivet gun field, Shenzhen Pigeon Smart Automation Co.,Ltd has created new market highlights. The product varies by material, color, and size
Shenzhen Pigeon Smart Automation Co.,Ltd uses solid cartons to pack industrial rivet gun so as to make sure they are safe enough. The product is waterproof, based on excellent quality materials
Shenzhen Pigeon Smart Automation Co.,Ltd makes it easy for you to find auto feed rivet gun industrial rivet gun that you can trust. It is well accepted by European and American users
PST is here to provide the best experience for auto feed rivet gun consumers by offering quality products, services and outstanding support. The product quality has been proven at many international exhibitions to be premium
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