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PST KN95 mask machine supply for face mask

PST KN95 mask machine supply for face mask

PST KN95 mask machine supply for face mask

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Stainless Steel Alloy
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Wooden box
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T/T,50% of order amount as deposit,and balance will be paid before shipment
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1. Equipment technology and parameters:

      This machine is an automatic production of three-dimensional mask machine, including automatic feeding, automatic loading (built-in) nose bridge, automatic counting, automatic punching, etc., all are automatically completed, no need for employees to manually put accessories into the jig, the machine automatically completes the loading Ear strap function.

(1). Action control: Xinjie PLC program control.

(2). Overall shape (mm): L7600 X W700 X H1900mm (total length plus pad printing 8000mm)

(3). Working power: AC220V 60HZ 30A

(4). Rated power of the whole machine: 4KW

(5). The actual load power of the whole machine: about 7KW

(6). Ultrasonic power: 1500KW * 6 sets

(7). Host machine servo motor: 3.6KW-1

(9). Two sets of rotating elastic belt devices, the adjustable length of the ear belt is within 200mm, and the longest can be 240mm.

(10). Production speed: 35 pieces / minute, open printing 30 pieces / minute

(11).Can produce the largest wide width 290MM


2. Mechanical characteristics:

(1). The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and firm without rust;

(2). The machine parts are selected from the first-line parts brands, with strong stability.

(3). With photoelectric detection and automatic counting functions;

(4). High output and strong reliability.

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3. Introduction of the main mechanical configuration:




Warranty time


Host circuit control box


Made by factory

One Year

3.6KW servo motor



One Year




One Year

6W Servo motor



One Year

0.75K servo motor



One Year

7” touching screen



One Year

Power supply



One Year

Automatic ultrasonic system


Fully automatic frequency tracking system

3 months

Ultrasonic transducer



One Year

Ultrasonic HORN



One Year


Due to request


One Year



Taiwan weilun

One Year

Remarks: Due to the tight supply chain of mask machine accessories market, the above configuration is subject to actual installation.

4. Random information:

The supplier delivers the following technical data with the buyer:

(1). A set of toolbox

(2). Mechanical manual

5. Acceptance:

The acceptance standards and methods shall be subject to the "Technical Agreement" and "Product Specification" signed by both parties.

6. Technical confidentiality:

The drawings, data, samples and other technologies provided by both parties are strictly confidential and cannot be transferred or lent to a third party


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PST KN95 mask machine has passed a variety of inspections. They mainly include length, width, and thickness within the approval tolerance, the diagonal length, angle control, etc. It offers the potential for faster cutting speeds
PST KN95 mask machine is designed by professional furniture designers. They approach the product from a practical point of view as well as aesthetics view, making it in line with the space. With automatic height control and a state-of-the-art computer system, it is cleverly engineered for maximum flexibility and convenience
The first and most essential rule of PST KN95 mask machine design is a balance. It is a combination of texture, pattern, color, etc. It uses the highest quality optics, including mirrors and coated lenses
During the PST mask making machine inspections, several aspects are involved. They are fabric check (weight, odor, hand feel, etc.), sewing check (stitches and seaming), and washing quality. It is manufactured to the standards such as EN 60825
PST mask making machine has been inclusively tested by third-party testing organizations. It has been tested in terms of edge lamination, polish, flatness, hardness, and straightness. Being computer numerical controlled, it is less likely to cause a break of material
KN95 mask machine performs powerful function and has strong advantages. Being computer numerical controlled, it is less likely to cause a break of material
The product has to undergo in-house quality assurance procedures conducted by our quality inspectors in order to ensure defect-free quality. It offers the potential for faster cutting speeds
This product is under the strict supervision of our quality experts. It can be designed with a pointer for perfectly aligning the material before starting work
The performance index of this product is in the domestic leading position. It provides the option to cut thicker materials
Its quality is examined under the supervision of our skilled quality experts. It is the perfect companion for a multitude of businesses, including sign makers, woodworkers, exhibition stand manufacture and general fabrication
mask making machine reflects the innovative features such as mask making machine. Endowed with electrical safety, it allows for maximum operator safety
The product has high practical value and commercial value and is now widely used in the market.
The product is popularly used for various applications. It is granted with certifications such as CE and FDA
With the characteristics that are highly attractive to buyers, the product is sure to be more widely applied in the market. Its protective cabinet contains an integrated fume extraction facility
After years of improvement, the product has received more and more attention at home and abroad and has great commercial value. It can be designed to be wireless using wireless technology
The product has found its wide applications in the industry because of its fine characteristics. It features an air-cooled motor design
Due to its excellent properties, this product is widely used in the global market.
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