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PST latest KF94 mask making machine suppliers for business

PST latest KF94 mask making machine suppliers for business

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Company Advantages
1. KF94 mask making machine is celebrated for its exquisite craftsmanship and full range of specifications. An English manual and online support are offered for the machine
2. The product superiority helps strengthen brand share. The machine helps reduce staff injuries in the manufacturing process
3. It is waterproof. The ideal level of waterproof coating which is applied to the interior side of the base fabric achieves its waterproofness without compromising tear-strength. Fast delivery is guaranteed for the machine by air and sea
4. It is of great commercial value. It can be used for covering huge open spaces with minimal intervention and minimal construction time. Its output is up to 1,000 pieces per month
5. The product does not easily get pilling or damage caused by serious abrasion. Its textile fibers have been treated with an antistatic agent which can reduce the electrostatic phenomenon, hence to reduce abrasion among fibers. The machine allows for large production volumes and increased profitability

1.Application scope

For manufacturing the Korea KF94 and Japan DS2 masks.

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2.Produce Drawing:

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3.Product Specification:

Applicable folding mask product size

Foldable masks with market size

Material width

According to the product size

Production capacity


Suitable power supply


Applicable air supply


rated power


Machine size

5700mm x 4500mm x 1900mm

Machine weight

Weighted by section, single section is less than 200KG


4.Product Features

The whole machine is composed of the material rack part, the upper nose line part, the shape welding part, the folding forming, the shape cutter part, the turning part, the material dividing part, the ear strap part, and the collecting part. .

4.1. Material frame part: air expansion shaft, magnetic powder brake and controller to ensure that the material tension is not wrinkle.

4.2. Upper nose line part: the cylinder is welded with ultrasonic wave to fix the nose line with required length to the material.

4.3. Shape welding part: the mold is matched with ultrasonic wave, and the initial texture welding.

4.4. Folding: folding fabric

4.5. Shape cutter part: custom-made cutter, roll-cut forming, at this time the mask is initially formed

4.6. Flip part: turn the mask over to prepare for ear straps

4.7. Partitioning: Reasonable distribution, increased production capacity

4.8. Ear strap part: a special rotating disk for the mask machine industry, which is used to spot weld the ear strap line on the semi-finished mask with ultrasonic, and the mask is formed at this time

4.9. Collection part: take out the belt, product collection

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PST latest KF94 mask making machine suppliers for business-5PST latest KF94 mask making machine suppliers for business-65.Attention Tips:

5.1. The warranty period of our products is one year.

5.2. Attentions should be paid when handling the machine: it is best to use a forklift or crane for handling. The bottom of the machine should be supported when using a forklift or crane. (Caution: Do not press on the cable). When carrying on flat ground, it can be carried by manual hydraulic truck or directly pushed by the caster of the machine. In order to prevent the four casters on the bottom of the machine from being stressed for a long time, after the machine is moved to the designated position, the four feet on the bottom of the machine should be supported by the machine.

5.3. When turning on the power, check whether the main power line is correct.

5.4. Before the adjustment, installation and adjustment of each part, the power switch must be turned off, or the safety switch must be pressed to confirm and implement it to ensure the safety of the operator and the equipment.

5.5. After adjusting each part, the screws and nuts must be locked to avoid loosening, which can ensure the stability of the printing effect and extend the reliability and life of the mechanical equipment.

5.6. In case of emergency or abnormal situation, immediately press the safety switch, the machine will stop running to maintain the safety of the operator or protect the equipment from damage.

7. The adjustable screw parts on the machine table are kept lubricated with mechanical oil.

8. Please add lubricating oil to the moving parts of the machine regularly.

6.Machine Maintenance:

6.1. The production workshop using the machine should be kept neat and clean.

6.2. The appearance of the machine should be kept neat and clean, requiring frequent scrubbing.

6.3. The sliding parts of the machine should always be filled with pollution-free lubricants.

6.4. When not using the machine for a long time, cover the machine to prevent dust.

6.5. When the machine is not used for a long time, the input power of the machine should be cut off.

6.6. When the machine is not used for a long time, the rusty part of the machine should be coated with protective oil.

7.Installation and training

7.1. Unless otherwise required in writing, the acquirer is responsible for receiving, unpacking, and transporting the unit to the installation site; and preparing related electricity and gas to the installation site.

7.2. The supplier is responsible for equipment installation, commissioning and system integration.

7.3. After the installation is complete, the two parties will conduct small-scale trial production of their equipment, and the small-scale trial production will be qualified and approved by the purchaser before being put into formal mass production.

7.4. The supplier provides free training for the relevant personnel on the demand side. The content includes the normal use of the equipment, maintenance, fault analysis and troubleshooting, operation safety and emergency procedures.

7.5. Due to the impact of the epidemic, products exported to foreign countries will only provide English mail support;

7.6. We have recorded some video tutorials with English letters for foreign customers. If you need, please email to contact us.

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Company Features
1. The cutting-edge technology adopted in KF94 mask making machine helps us win more and more customers.
2. With a combined collaborative effort from our employees, customers, and suppliers, we have achieved a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and improved waste diversion rates.
The design of PST cheap automatic disposable face mask machine is very beautiful. The design process borrows state-of-the-art design software such as CAD software. It is used and trusted by mobile communication carrier - China Telecom
The design of PST KF94 mask making machine is conducted by professional mechanical engineers. Its moving parts, such as the gears, levels, and pistons in the engine and hydraulic systems are carefully designed after considering numerous factors. It can be removed by scratching with a fingernail, coin or some other object
PST cheap automatic disposable face mask machine must be tested with regard to different aspects, including flammability testing, moisture resistance testing, antibacterial testing, and stability testing. High opacity is one of the features of this product
PST cheap automatic disposable face mask machine is produced by a complicated process. Its raw fiber selection is strict, fiber and yarn are professional production, dyeing and coloring are carefully processed. It can be applied to different materials such as metal, plastic, and wood products
PST KF94 mask making machine's quality is guaranteed. Its manufacturing process pays attention to consumer safety by ensuring compliance with health standards in the production process. The product is resistant to acids and alkalis
The product is tested by a competent team and is guaranteed. The scratch coating system formed by this product can prevent light degradation
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