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PST New Year’s Action 3 DAYS’ Group Travelling to Yingde City


It is a common day of Dec 30,2018,but it is a little different from other days because of approaching to New Year’s Day.PST group is going to have a travel to Yingde which is one of the famous tourism city in Guangdong province.It's about 200 kilometers from Yingde city to PST automation technology co.,ltd.


According to the travel agenda,we will stay in Yingde city for 3 days.During this period,we are planning to visit Jiulong Town,Dongtianxianjing,Donghexianjing,Underground river of Lianzhou and Millennium Yaozhai.The first day on Dec 30,2018,we leave for Yingde at 9:00AM and the guider introduces some interesting stories of destination on the way.The guider looks older than his real age.He gives a contact card which printed his phone number and name to everyone.It’s about 14:00 when we arrive at Yingde city.The first station is Jiulong Town.The famous landscape of Dongtianxianjing,Glass trestle and Sound sensing fountain.Everyone is happy and curious about its mysterious cave.Especially for brother Hu(in chinese it means Tiger),he is good at blowing water,which means to tell jokes and talkative.He has good constitution.At night,we experience campfire which was gathered by local Yao people.Although cold weather,everyone feel warm in the bottom of heart when we see that Yao peoplesinging and dancing naturally.

Singing and Dancing
The second station is Underground river of Lianzhou.It is wonderful and magical for its geographical characteristics.You can see the real stalactite,stalagmite and Stone pillar which have been appeared in our middle school book.Suddenly one word came in my mind,Reading ten thousand books is like traveling ten thousand miles.I think you will find the value of knowledge only if you travel by yourselves.For me,it is really a good travel and valuable journey.In the afternoon,we also visit the famous Huangchuan Three Gorges which reminds me a famous Poetry Libai.With broad-minded verses,” Your sail,a single shadow,becomes one with the blue sky; Till now I see only the river,on its way to heaven.If you don’t arrive to these mountains and rivers in person,how could you write so magnificent poems?

Happy New Year and we will work hard to help more and more manufactured companies to improve production efficiency.

The last station is Millennium Yaozhai on Jan 1,2019.PST group climb the hills and taste the local glutinous rice wine.The people there are very honest and food is very natural.Soy milk and Toufu flower are quite luscious.Due to the New year’s day, everyone pray for incense in Pangu King Temple.Yao people ‘s singing and dancing is amazing and also we learn some new words,such as “yagui” which means handsome man, and “shayaomei” which means beautiful lady.The local culture of wedding is also very different with china traditional wedding.In a word,Yao people and Yaozhai is very special and mysterious nation.

At last,everyone feels that 3 days’ travelling is very short.PST team is planning to help more and more customers realize automated manufacture earlier.Then all of the workers can go out and have a look at the nature.Let’s work hard together and fly together in the near future with PST.

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