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Respirators application place and not suitable for the crowd

by:PST     2020-07-21
Respirators at first is for work need to use, with the intensification of air pollution, a lot of people go out will choose to wear protective masks to protect themselves. The respirator is for everyone? What is occasion for wearing a respirator? Next masks vendors would introduce you respirators application place and not suitable for people. 1, the application of place in the work, the selection of respirator shall comply with the applicable laws, regulations, standards and industry standards, in the factory, for example, in the workplace to use professional use respirators must have LA and related certificates. In the hospital, the use of the mask must have a medical product registration certificate, and in accordance with GB/T18664 - 2002 standard, combined with the specific working conditions, the actual concentration of pollutant species, toxicity and level, as well as the characteristics and needs of the wearer to choose, can ensure the respirators to reduce pollutants concentration to safe levels, and pay attention to and other protective equipment or tools used at the same time do not interfere with each other. When the concentrations of the dust, soot and other contaminants in the work environment more than 10 times of occupational health standard limit, should choose a higher protection level of respiratory protective equipment, such as comprehensive cover. N95 respirator machine in respirators used in disease prevention and control of infection, shall comply with the relevant guidelines of the medical management department, the surgery operation, the health care workers should wear medical surgical masks; Disposable surgical masks is not a surgical masks, medical personnel should not be worn in the surgery, or is likely to be affected splashing fluid transmission; When existing in the operation risk of infection by airborne disease, such as to tuberculosis patient or highly pathogenic avian influenza patient's intubation or sputum suction, or perform other aerosol therapy, health care workers should wear medical protective mask; When the emergence of a new respiratory infectious diseases, medical structure should comply with the management department of infection control guidelines, take proper infection control and prevention measures, protect the health of patients and medical workers. 2, not suitable for the crowd some people are not suitable for use of respirators. First of all, professional use of respirators are designed for adults, not for children, in addition to the children's small face, there is leakage factors, people cannot usually requires children independently understand product use method, there are caused by improper use of risk; In addition, respirators product standards for breathing resistance evaluation index is established in healthy adults as a benchmark, when the body immature children, may also have some questions. In the national standard GB/T18664 - 2002 'respiratory protective equipment selection, use and maintenance of appendix F, also mentioned some other unsuitable use of personnel, personnel with certain cardiovascular system diseases, such as angina pectoris, arrhythmia, moderate or severe lung disease, such as respirators respiratory resistance against their condition, in addition, there are some people who wear masks or mask, can appear the symptom of medicine called claustrophobia, fear or anxiety, this kind of person is not suitable for use.
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