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Simple introduction mask machine how to maintain

by:PST     2020-07-17
Modern society, due to the worsening of the natural environment and let's protection consciousness to strengthen, disposable surgical masks and respirators in the growing market demand, many clients are keen found in this opportunity and want to work into the mask production. Given about masks production process, however, mask the purchase of raw materials, masks vendors would selection, masks production workshop, masks production are not familiar with the specification of the work, and so on, so the query and consulting the relevant information and reporting on computing time, is very blind and rugged. Mask machine produces in the process of the mask, mask machine maintenance is the primary, mask all-in-one maintenance good not only can postpone mask reduce the speed of the machine precision, and it also can cut the chance of face mask machine equipment repair. Appearance: we used to wear on the face mask machine is, or even to enter operating room, masks so mask yield must beg mask machine for cleaning every day. Can arrange personnel after off from work everyday to equipment working mesa, cheng fang mask plate cleaning, pay attention to not water, not oil, can use alcohol and other non-toxic volatile cleaning fluid. Second, the ultrasonic system: ( By the ultrasonic electric box, ultrasonic transducer, welding head, the connecting lines) Check the ultrasonic system is clean, especially ultrasonic electric box, ultrasonic transducer ( Fibrillation) , welding head ( The mold) Necessary drab washing water, can't is the connecting line is strong. Often check the fold masks machines, ultrasonic welding head ( The mold) The degree of wear. Pay attention to query the ultrasonic electric box on the voltmeter and ammeter pointer is normal. Three, the transmission system: mask machine drive system including motor, gear, gear reducer, sprockets, chains, conveyor components, such as check the motor cooling effect on surface have dust, etc, gears, chain wheel is oiling, whether have attachments. The chain looseness is appropriate if there are any foreign body, the transmission is a connecting screw loose, etc. Reducer lubricating oil is not enough? - usually in 1000 hours 1500 hours, need to replace a lubricating oil. Four, electrical system: fold masks machine check mask machine equipment circuit connector is loose, the main power line and branch line, whether have wear? Aging? Loose? Inside the electrical box is drab, clean the exhaust fan is normal work, and so on. Five: pneumatic system: ( Made up of air filtration system, trachea, cylinder) Air filter to check whether there is water? ( Air compressor water: humidity large area every day on the water for air compressor) 。 Check the gas pipelines leak? Cylinder with and without air leakage? Cylinder magnetic sensor position and prevention work is normal. Other: devices cannot contact corrosion liquid and objects, for example, sweat is simple equipment parts rust. Equipment for a long time not use, want to mask machine drive system with anti-rust oil and rust parts. Masks produced manufacturer according to mask must beg for folding machine equipment maintenance, not only can cut the number of repair of face mask machine, also can work forward mask machine become old, yea, and the fruit of the power supply company.
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