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Surgical masks and ordinary mask

by:PST     2020-07-22
Haze weather, the pedestrian street wear various types of dust mask to prevent fog haze. Such as medical surgical masks, surgical masks, more cotton masks, etc. , surgical masks are usually effective electrostatic filter material, and ordinary mask is printing design, looks very nice. So, what are the differences between the surgical masks and ordinary mask? The effect of them is the same? The following masks vendors would explain it in detail for you. Surgical masks generally divided into cotton masks, medical surgical masks, N95 respirator three categories. Surgical masks machine production of the characteristics of surgical masks is light, comfortable, insipidity, do not contain fiberglass, for skin, waterproof, and after disinfection can kill or clear the pathogenic microorganisms on the media, to the harmless; And can be dustproof, because of low respiratory resistance, wear health, aerosol, dust, smoke, fog droplets, poison gas and steam by the filter material such as adsorption, block and not be inhaled by people, effective isolation from the pollution sources. Surgical masks machine and ordinary masks masks is fiber, its principle of choke is a mechanical block, through this layer mechanical block, can hold large particles, but the diameter is less than 5 micron particles stop, not to mention the PM2. Five particles, but medical masks and medical disposable masks can stop diameter greater than 4 micron particles, so the ordinary masks to wear 16 layer can have the effect of the surgical masks. In addition to the sanitary requirements higher, medical respirator should also have the function of the effective barrier fluid spillage. Because in the operation, the possibility of blood or infectious fluid spillage, have certain pressure, the splash is not a general liquid infiltration, surgical masks material block has the ability to pressure liquid should be relatively high, only in this way, can effectively protect the medical staff. So in the standard of medical protective mask, adopt the special testing method to test the barrier fluid of this kind of product performance, and general industrial environment using 3 m respirator, don't need to have this kind of special requirements, testing standard and natural no such rules. In addition, medical respirator exhalation valve is not permitted. This is due to medical respirator allow used as surgical masks, if wearing a mask of exhalation valve, exhale will be carried by microorganisms in direct discharge masks, pose a threat to patients undergoing surgery. And many industrial respirators are the design of the exhalation valve, but wear dust mask of exhalation valve price is much higher than that of without a valve.
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