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Talk about masks filter material choice

by:PST     2020-07-17
According to factory, for good respirator filter material, should have the following three conditions, one is in the facial mask and users and good filtering under the condition of high efficiency, the second is respiratory resistance is small, 3 it is the user feel comfortable. Dust class material has a variety of masks filter material, including ordinary fabric, animal fur, non-woven, etc. In is very popular in the national standard is a kind of active carbon felt material. Structure and people face of gauze masks and sex is very poor, many of the great harm to our small particles will enter the respiratory tract through mask and facial aperture to the lungs, its filter material is more commonly mechanical fabric, this kind of filter material to achieve high efficiency of dust, the only way is to increase the thickness, and increase the thickness of the negative effect is to make the user feel breathing resistance is very big, don't feel comfortable. And through electrostatic processing of non-woven fabrics can stop not only large dust particles, and attached to the surface of the electrostatic charges by electrostatic attraction to tiny dust adsorption, achieve high efficiency of dust. And the thickness of the filter material is very thin, greatly reduces the user's breathing resistance, and feel comfortable, so as to achieve the mentioned on our previous good liao three necessary conditions. Have a good filter material, cooperate with mask of scientific design structure, constitutes a highly efficient masks. PST is committed to research and development and production, by constantly optimize the performance of the machine, make better mask production equipment for customers. PST new upgraded the mask machine stability performance and production capacity, steadily accelerate the mask collection and transmission speed, improve the face mask machine capacity and efficiency, to help enterprises create more profit. Because of our professional and heart, so let you worry more.
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