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Teach you how to choose suits own non-woven mask

by:PST     2020-07-22
Non-woven mask is used widely in our daily work. Surface of non-woven masks made of pure cotton knitting fabric absorbent gauze or stuffed with all kinds of non-woven fabric; Another directly by the non-woven fabrics sewing. Filtering effect is good, permeability is a bit poor, breed for front and back surfaces for non-woven materials, intermediate for filter paper, so that the non-woven mask filtering effect to the next level. Under the mask factory tutor you how to choose suits own masks. 1, the efficiency of dust dust efficiency of non-woven mask is the fine dust, especially for 5 micron dust efficiency as standard. Because the particle size of dust can directly into the alveoli, the effects on the human body health. General gauze masks and the principle of dust is a mechanical filter, which is when the dust into gauze, after - Layer upon layer of blocks, will be cut off some of the large particles of dust in the sand cloth. But for some fine dust, especially in less than 5 micron dust, will wear in the past, from the gauze mesh into the respiratory system. Abroad have a bit of a dust mask, the filter material is composed of filled with permanent anti-static fiber, those less than 5 micron dust through the process of this kind of filter material, is captured by the electrostatic attraction and adsorption in the filter material to fine dust, dust was real. 2, and the degree of air, like water, where small resistance will be the first to flow. When the non-woven mask shape and face is not closed, as will never closed in danger in the air leak into, enter the human respiratory tract. So, even if you choose filter material again good mask. Can protect your health. Standard abroad many rules and regulations, the worker should be non-woven masks and test on a regular basis. The purpose is to ensure that workers use appropriate less non-woven masks and in the correct steps to wear masks. 3, wear comfortable breathing resistance is smaller, lighter weight, wear health, maintenance is convenient. So workers would love to stick to wear in the workplace and improve the work efficiency. Foreign maintenance-free type of face mask, now don't have to clean or replace parts, after saturated or dust masks worn or discarded, this is to ensure that the non-woven masks health and was relieved from the maintenance workers face mask of time and effort. And many masks are using arched shape, can guarantee and the face shape and good again in non-woven masks in a certain space, comfortable to wear. 4, shall not apply to the people have difficulty in the heart or respiratory system ( Such as asthma, emphysema) , pregnant women, wear after the dizziness, difficulty breathing, and sensitive skin.
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