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The basic knowledge of highly-socialized automatic respirator equipment

by:PST     2020-07-17
Generally divided into planar masks masks machine machine, cup type mask mask, folding machine, special mask machine, etc. Flat mask machine: flat mask machine production is one-time flat mask is a surgical masks production machinery and equipment of the machine in the production of masks to wear simple style is convenient print mask production with two layers of non-woven fabric and filter, disposable three layer mask is made up of professional for medical health fiber non-woven two layers of the middle add a layer of filter from a more than 99% of melt-blown fabric by ultrasonic welding and become, the bridge of the nose strip in adopting the all plastic article does not contain any metal wear breathable and comfortable, filtering effect is as high as 99% is especially suitable for electronics factory. Cup type mask machine, cup type mask machine is a kind of cup type mask equipment, cup type is layers of non-woven fabric by hot pressing, folding forming, ultrasonic removal, waste removal, the ear with the bridge of the nose a welding process, such as the filtering performance will create a mask, mask is not a single machine equipment it requires more than one machine cooperate to cooperate to complete a variety of different process, is the production of various kinds of cup type mask equipment is layers of non-woven fabric by hot pressing, folding molding, ultrasonic welding, waste removal, the ear with the bridge of the nose bar welding processes such as the filtration performance of a variety of masks, will create a mask is not a single machine equipment, it requires multiple machines to cooperate to complete a variety of different processes. Market more popular mask equipment including; Cup type mask machine, non-woven mask plane machine, cup type mask machine, 3 m9001/9002 fold type of face mask machine, the duck mouth mask machine, stereo dust mask machine, etc. Fold masks machine: fold masks machine is the production of fold masks were, is the multi-layer nonwoven fabric and melt-blown fabric efficient electrostatic filter material, can be very fine dust adsorption. Unique design shape, cooperate with good nose clip and head band, to ensure a good seal face. Folding, easy to carry. Suitable for most of the face. Alien mask machine: masks and other alien looking for production way is nothing if not big difference lies mainly in such as the style of the mask is special duckbill masks, snout masks are used in highly polluting industries generally we rarely see.
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