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The difference between the medical protective mask and other types of masks

by:PST     2020-07-22
With the rapid development of economy, the increasing deterioration of the environment, the air quality worse and worse, all kinds of air pollution has been the attention of the whole society, people pay more and more attention to their health protection. Among them, one of the most obvious phenomenon is many people have formed a habit of out using a mask. Now many masks appear on the market, and the style name of varieties. Masks below vendors would for medical respirator with ordinary mask in detail is introduced: the difference between a flat mask machine to produce the main design for duty personnel surgical masks, protective effect of the particles in the air can be stopped, droplets and dust, it has the function of dust mask. And ordinary masks a defensive protection products, mainly in dust and droplets in the air, air filtering effect. Small make up recommend, general disease prevention to prevent swine flu, can choose medical protective mask. Surgical masks masks machine production high quality standards, good filtering effect at present, the common masks on the market are: 1. Medical protective mask: sexual self-priming filter is a kind of closed type medical protective equipment, the wearer breathing overcome resistance parts, filter particles in the air, barrier droplets, such as blood, secretion, is mainly used for the prevention of disease. Masks filter criteria is higher, must be in accordance with national standard GB19083 - 2010 medical respirator technical requirements. Medical staff in the in and out of the isolation room use or contact with the medical patients. 2. Medical surgical masks is by clinical medical staff in the wear process of invasive operation, as in patients undergoing treatment and implementation and operation of the medical staff to provide protection, prevent the spread of blood, body fluids, and splash. Masks of bacteria filtration efficiency shall be not less than 95%. 3. Other masks, such as medical care mask, one-time use of masks and other ordinary masks, relevant technical requirements of the enterprise registration product standards. 4. Ordinary absorbent gauze masks, shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations, not as a medical equipment management. Suggested that the medical institutions and consumers in the process of actual use, the applicable scope of the logo that should examine a product carefully, and according to use purpose, correctly select the appropriate mask to wear.
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