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The Three Automatic Labeling Solutions in Express Delivery Industry


With the rapid development of the e-commerce industry in recent years, every big festival such as double eleven, black Friday, prime day, etc., various super-hot products frequently appear, and tens of thousands of parcels every day need to be repetitive work such as packing, sealing, veneering, etc. It really makes people have a headache. So, is there a faster and more precise choice that not only can meet the requirements of the speed and quality of the big sellers, but also improve the customer experience and satisfaction? Today, we will talk about the application of automated labeling machines in the packaging & logistics industry.


Then, in addition to the above-mentioned explosion package (high number of repeated actions, fixed position of labeling), the demand for packaging and veneer of non-standard express parcels also exists. Let's take a look at the different solutions for standard express parcels and non-standard parcel automated veneers.


First, explosion(Super-hotsales)product labeling: express package veneer single automation solution


On the regular carton, the flat-panel express delivery list (can increase the real-time printing function), for the same size of the courier flat veneer, 12,000 can be labeled in 1 hour, greatly improving work efficiency, enough to meet the high efficiency appeal of most businesses.

Second, non-standard side stickers: side veneer for different specifications 

Different specifications of express parcels, side labeling, can be positioned and labeled. But the speed is relatively slow, and 1200 pieces per hour can be attached.



Third, non-standard products on the plane stickers: different heights of express mail paste express.



Different types of express parcel veneer orders need to be comprehensively considered according to the customer's existing equipment, site, speed requirements, product size range, etc., giving a specific veneer plan.


The above three labeling methods are actually solutions for the delivery of coupons for standard products and non-standard express parcels. The standard product veneer plan is still relatively easy. For multi-standard courier package products, it is necessary to combine the actual situation of the customer, give a plan, and then determine to stick to that side. The only mentioned machines /solutions in this article are several common solutions.


Sometimes, there will also be bottom labeling. For more details, please contact us. Thank you.


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