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The widely application of the mask

by:PST     2020-07-17
Respirators at first is for work need to use, with the deterioration of the air pollution, a lot of people go out will choose to wear respirators to maintain themselves. The respirator is all right? Under the dust mask vendors would give you a brief introduction. 1, the application of place in the work, the selection of respirator shall comply with the applicable laws, regulations, standards and industry standards, in the factory, for example, in the workplace using professional use respirators must have LA signs and relevant certificates. In the hospital, apply the mask must have a medical product registration certificate, and in accordance with GB/T18664 - 2002 standard, combined with the detailed working conditions, the practice of pollutant varieties, toxicity and levels, and select the wearer's characteristics and requirements, to ensure that the respirator can cut pollutant concentration to safe levels, and pay attention to and use of protective equipment or other tools together does not interfere with each other. When the concentrations of the dust, soot and other contaminants in the work environment more than 10 times the work health standard limit, should choose higher degree of protection of respiratory protective equipment, such as comprehensive cover. Within the hospital use of respirators to prevent disease and control infection, shall comply with the relevant guidelines of the medical management department, in operation, medical personnel should wear medical surgical masks; Disposable face mask machine production of disposable surgical masks are not surgical masks, medical personnel should not wear in the surgery, or are likely to have been splashing fluid transmission; When transmitted through the air to exist in the operation of the risk of infection disease, such as to tuberculosis patient or highly pathogenic avian influenza patient's intubation or sputum suction, or perform other aerosol therapy, health care workers should wear medical protective mask. When the emergence of a new respiratory infectious diseases, medical structure should comply with the management of infection control guidelines, adopt the correct infection control and prevention measures, to maintain the health of patients and medical staff. 2, not appropriate crowd some people do not use appropriate respirator. First of all, professional use of respirators are planned to adults, not for children to use, in addition to the children's small face, have leaked the elements, people generally can't tell children independent understanding products using the method, there are caused by improper use of danger; In addition, respirators product standards for the review goal of respiratory resistance is healthy adults as a benchmark, when children use to develop sophisticated body, may also have some questions. See mask vendors would summarize the content of the above believe everyone had certain understanding of the application of respirators, in daily life we must according to the specific needs to choose the appropriate respirator, can truly help.
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