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Welcome Indonesia Customer to Visit our factory and Talk About the Medical Products


First Lot of Customers in 2019

Yesterday,PST Automation welcomed the first lot of Indonesia customers in New Year.Three guys are very young and quite interested in the automation production line application in medical industry.Due to the basic condition that their city in Indonesia is not a manufaturing place,the core components of the product were purchased from China mainland.Then the parts would be assembled in local cities.

One of their factory is mainly producing the medical product with 30 to 50 people.The labor cost is also very high and now the customer's request is more strict than before.They expressed that Automated machines would be a nice choice for the factory in small or middle size.


NT is one of their representitive,he told us that PST Automation is proffesional on automated equipments and customized solutions for many factories.For their products,it is suitable to be changed into non-people manufacturing room or semi-automatic production.Also in April 2019,they will visit China again and bring their core products samples for checking.

NT believes that 2019 is a new beginning with PST Automation and also a good starting for automation solutions in medical industry for each other.Both of each other will increase the communicating time and deeply talking.With more patience,comes more chances.Thank you for Indonesia friends' good advice.

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