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What are the practical applications of automatic labeling machine anti-counterfeit labels?


As the times are constantly changing, our machines and equipment are the same, and it is constantly changing. The industry it applies to is also increasing with time, and the automatic labeling machine is also the same. What are the practical applications of the standard anti-counterfeit labels?Today we will talk about this.

   1. Pharmaceutical industry: The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is a large-scale user of automatic labeling. The speed requirement is very high. The design of the labeling machine should take into account the integration of the pre- and post-labeling processes to provide pre-labeling and post-labeling. Additional features such as bottle holders.


   2. Daily chemical industry: The application of the daily chemical industry requires that the shape of the container changes frequently and often changes with each passing day. The soft plastic container and the “no label visual senseadd to the difficulty of labeling and bubble exclusion control.


   3. Food industry: The food manufacturing industry is highly competitive. Multi-layer labels provide more space for promotion and promotion for vertical labeling machine manufacturers, and also pose new challenges for the design of labeling machines.


   4. Beverage industry: The application of the beverage industry requires high speed and accurate positioning, and often a bottle of multiple labels, plus the label appearance and materials often change, the position control skills are very high when labeling.


   5. Electronics industry: The application of labels in the electronics industry is very professional. In addition to the special nature of label materials, the labeling machine also requires extremely high precision. The high-speed labeling machine cooperates with other production links to print a large number of real-time labels. Data, and can communicate with the main system data and so on.


   6. Battery industry: The battery manufacturing industry has widely used automatic labeling machines for the purpose of shrink labels. A well-designed labeling machine ensures high-speed operation while ensuring that the label interface is flat and allows for short-circuit prevention and label shrinkage.


   7. Petrochemical industry: The petrochemical industry often needs to affix product labels on large barrels, horizontal labeling machines, etc. The speed and accuracy of the requirements are relatively loose, but because of the large label, the power requirements for the labeling machine are higher. High, while the large area of the label on the curved surface, or in the speed of the uneven flow of online labeling, keeping the label indicating that the flat is also the designer's attention.


   8. Medical industry: The medical product manufacturing industry has become more and more widely used for self-adhesive labels. In addition to being used as labels, labels also provide other functional uses. The design of labeling machines should also be different with the particularity of the labels.


   The above is the practical application of the automatic labeling machine anti-counterfeit label, Hope it is helpful for you, if you want to know more about the automatic labeling machine, you can click on the website of the automatic labeling machine. 


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