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What factors are the key points to influnce the labeling speed?


Every product will have a label on it. At this time, you need to use the labeling machine, which is more efficient. Sometimes, we will find that the labeling machine is faster and sometimes slower. What is the reason? In the functional configuration of the labeling machine, different components constitute different functional features. The speed of the labeling equipment is affected by the motor factor. Please refer to the following for the specific content;The speed of labeling is related to the motor system. There are two types of common labeling motors: one is a stepper motor and the other is a servo motor. The functional parameters of the two are compared as follows:

  1. Comparison of motor rotation speed; (Hint: speed estimation is for reference only)

  Stepper motor: 1000 times, it takes 300-400 milliseconds;

  Servo motor: 1000 times, it takes 5-10 milliseconds;

  The speed of labeling is visible.

  2. Comparison of labeling accuracy;

  Stepper motor: The ideal precision is 1-2 mm; (open loop is uncontrollable, the accuracy range has a great influence)

  Servo motor: accuracy is ±1 mm; (closed loop controllable, high precision and stable)

  Labeling accuracy and stability can be imagined.

  3. the matching of the motor, as well as the labeling speed;

 Stepper motor: usually a semi-automatic labeling machine configuration system, easy to operate, labeling 15-60 pieces per minute,

 Servo motor; usually a fully automatic labeling machine configuration system, more operating procedures, labeling 50-200 pieces per minute.

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