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Why do the traditional enterprises choose Automatic manufacturing?


Present Condition

Now there are three factors which are influnenced deeply to the development of traditional enterprises.Human cost increasing,defficient production capacity and special products requirements.

The advances of taking automation equipments:
  1. One time investment ,but long time benefits.Normally,the investment can be collected in one year and a half.The empolyers will not pay the salary for workers each month.At the same time,the machines will become fixed assets in order to help enterprises attract more investment.

  2. 24 hours lasting production.As we know,the workers need to sleep after overworking.If the order is urgent or in peak season,the delivery time is not guaranteed.It will make the customers angry and some orders may be lost because of this.But for automation machines,it can be working in 24 hours without stopping. It increases the production capacity.

  1. Decreasing the work injury.For some dangerous industry,like stamping/soldering/printing industry,it is risky to use human working.But replacing with machines,the problem will be resolved.

  2. Products quality is guaranteed.Comparing with human working,the machines will not be tired and moodiness.The manufacturing process is very stable and exact.The boss doesn't need to worry about the workers' resignation.At the same time,the products inspection quality will not be influenced by workers' dimission.


In a word,with the development of AI and information technology,automation production is an inevitable trend.Also under the background of Industrial 4.0 and Made-in-China 2025 strategy,more and more manufacturing enterprises choose automation transformation.It is believable that the earlier you choose,the more you can get.

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